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Welcome to Doctor Shell

I'm Klaus-Dieter Ost, a seasoned software engineer from Karlsruhe, Germany. This is a personal site, to share my experience with and my enthusiam about Unix.

I am working with Unix for over 20 years now, which is enough time to acquire a lot of experience. I have collected some of the questions, that I have been asked in the last few years, and I hope, the answers I found, are useful for others as well. Some of these questions I initially found in the UGU newsgroups and answerd them as Cadmus - in rememberence of my first own Unix system, a PCS QU68000, later called PCS Cadmus.

This is the right place, if you are wondering about sick shell scripts, and misbehaving application programs, or if you are suffering from other strange symptoms of your Unix system.

This site advocates understanding Unix and the Unix philosophy. So the focus is more on basic principles, not on specific products.

If you have a question: Ask Doctor Shell!


Klaus-Dieter Ost - your Dr. Shell

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